Distinguish Your Work

Let people know what you are doing, advertise your business card.

Advertise each new title of your book. This will broaden your name recognition and generate more sales for all your previous ones. That’s because many readers are “binge readers.” They find an author they like, and they then seek out and scoop up every single title that the author has written.

Advertise your books linked together by some connecting theme, fostering a virtual addiction in your fans, who will then eagerly await the publication date for every new published book you have out. Better yet, each new book released will attract new fans, prompting them to go back and buy all the prior books that you've written before. That’s how bestselling authors expand their audience over time.

Make your books stand out and become visible to some target audience.

"Brand" distinguishes your work from all others in your genre putting a cover that depicts the concept of your story together with your author photo, your link for ad. This kind integration will guarantee that your brand” will become uniquely identified with you, making you and your work memorable for your target readers. 

Craft compelling product descriptions, with a curiosity image plus your endorsement blurbs and, put them up for display linking back to your pages.

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